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Artsetter is a new artistic community in the contemporary art world. At, our mission is to give talented artists an online art gallery for the exposure they deserve, as well as to connect artists and art lovers. Furthermore, Artsetter is a place where those who are new to contemporary art can feel free to explore and begin to appreciate wide-ranging genres of fine art. An Artsetter art gallery is the ideal place to browse to begin collecting contemporary art online. Artsetter artists compose a diverse group of emerging international artists and embody a high level of quality, as each has been granted an art gallery by fellow members of

An art gallery at Artsetter works differently from other sites, because to ensure the high caliber of art displayed in each individual art gallery, artists go through a voting process before their art is showcased in an Artsetter online art gallery. For an art gallery on Artsetter, the contemporary art market is no longer isolated for the elite: members of Artsetter are the curators, and cast votes to select who receives next Artsetter art gallery. By offering a free art gallery to Artsetter artists, we believe that we can promote a fair vision of the contemporary art market: one that is based on talent and art lovers’ appreciation rather than through mere luck and connections.

We believe Artsetter will soon become a recognized and trusted entity in the contemporary art market –one that displays new and diverse talent on a daily basis, and one that helps to promote and contribute to what contemporary art is all about: constantly changing the landscape and renewing creative inspiration.


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As the curators, members vote to determine which candidates will become the next Artsetter artists.
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vildeman richard
vildeman richard Vote Number of votes: 0/50

VILDEMAN peint, tout en travaillant simultanément à la réalisation de gravures et de sculptures. Faisant appel à diverses techniques qui vont de la peinture au dessin, en passant par les pochoirs et les écritures, VILDEMAN conçoit son travail comme un assemblage d'indices graphiques tout en équilibre avec un vraie travail de peintre de la couleur. Pour ce faire, depuis de nombreuses années il collecte des images issues de la mémoire collective et [dans l’imagerie du monde], afin de se constituer une "encyclopédie" visuelle. L'artiste sélectionne des fragments qu'il agence pour que, une fois rassemblés, ceux-ci "deviennent porteur[s] de symboles, de sens poétique [inconsciente] ’’ ou d’engagement. Son univers créatif est également nourri de l'ensemble des images découpées dans les magazines, traitant de sujets aussi divers que la publicité, l'actualité, l'imagerie populaire ou bien encore qui font écho à son histoire personnelle, à sa mythologie personnelle. Rapprochant sa démarche artistique à celle d'un chanteur de Maloya – musique traditionnelle réunionnaise –, VILDEMAN exerce son art de manière à la fois avec rigueur dans la construction de l’œuvre, à l’intérieur d’un cadre [rythme] qu’il met lui-même en place ; et de manière spontanée dans le lâché prise, afin de permettre à son inconscient de s'exprimer en toute liberté.
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Vasily Belikov
Vasily Belikov Vote Number of votes: 1/50

Belikov Vasilij Matveevich (1922-1994) Vasilij Belikov was born in Tambov region in 1922, shortly after the civil war in Russia. His father died when the boy was only six weeks old. His mother with two children soon married a widower who had three own children. Then three more were born. They lived in poverty. In the early 30’s, the family moved to Astrakhan, but there was not enough money for two children's tickets. So, Vasilij, who was only eleven years old, and his thirteen-year stepbrother were left in the village and during a year they were without means of livelihood. They lived in a dugout, nearly died of starvation. Were eating frozen potatoes collected in the fields. Vasilij was drawing playing cards and exchanged it for bread, also he was drawing posters for the village council. They survived... Then they were taken to Astrakhan. In 1938 Vasilij entered in Astrakhan Art School. But three years later he was forced to interrupt the studies. In early 1941 he was drafted for Navy and was sent to the Joint School of Caspian Naval Flotilla. The war began. In the 1942 Belikov – the sailor on gunboat "Bakinskij Rabotchij" in the Caspian Sea. In 1943 he fought at Novorossiisk in the Battalion of the Marine Corps. Subsequently, until the end of the war, he served in the troop of surveillance and communications Volga - Black Sea coast. After the war he continued service in the Black Sea Fleet. He was awarded medals "For Victory over Germany" and "For the Defense of the Caucasus". In 1947, after demobilization, Vasilij Belikov continued his studies in Penza Art College, because the Astrakhan school was already closed. One of his teachers was the outstanding Russian artist Goryushkin-Sorokopudov. After graduation, Belikov began to work in the Penza branch of the Art Fund, and from 1955 to 1961 he was its director. A lot of strength and health he spent on administrative work. In forty he contracted tuberculosis and for several years he was disabled. Wandering the hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, Vasilij gave himself a vow: to devote rest of his life for painting and art. Having defeated the disease, the artist resumed creative work. Since the early 70s, his art began to attract the attention of audiences and critics. Many times he had visited the house of creativity "Academic", where he was fortunate to meet with the leading artists of the USSR. In 1975 Vasilij Belikov became the member of the USSR Union of Artists. The main genres in his creativity - landscape, in the lesser degree - still life and portrait. The name of artist is included in the "World Biographical Dictionary of Artists" and in "A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters". At the end of 2012 there was an exhibition in the Penza art gallery dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the artist.
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M.B M.B Vote Number of votes: 0/50

Bienvenue dans un monde entre rêve et réalité ! Un monde où le temps, comme les lieux, s'effacent, où les personnages vont et viennent, semblables et différents, pour que les histoires deviennent contes ou légendes, antiques ou mythiques. Un monde tout en peintures, sculptures, dessins, gravures sur verre, bois pyrogravé, mélange des styles et des matières, livre, poésie, roman, récits, nouvelles, contes, légendes, abstrait, figuratif, surréaliste, paysages, portraits, illustrations, ...
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